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Accelerated Leasing

+-Accelerated Leasing Overview
In today's highly competitive and ever changing market, there arguably may not be a more important task than leasing. Of course, the importance of property management and its many facets are necessary and vital to the overall success of any development. However, simply stated, without cash flow there is almost no need for any other activity. This is one of the many reasons that our consulting team concentrates 100% of our efforts on accelerated leasing. Our unique performance based model ensures that our goals are directly in line with our clients – to quickly and effectively increase cash flow through reducing high vacancy. Our philosophy is simple; achieving leasing goals takes much more than simply taking calls generated by generic marketing efforts. Our highly trained team of relocation specialists are integrally involved in establishing and maintaining true market interest. Our team of professionals can offer real market statistics and aid in ensuring that our developments remain competitive in today's highly aggressive market. The leasing force assigned to the property will set leasing goals, develop market strategy, contribute to current marketing efforts and as always, will diligently pursue prospects. In conjunction with current marketing efforts, we pride ourselves on using our own database of prospects and unique grassroots marketing to ensure the efficient and effective performance in accelerated lease-up situations.
It is our goal to operate quickly and efficiently. Our unique approach puts leasing working hand-in hand with current management, accounting, engineering and construction departments. Our group can quickly and accurately evaluate and verify the current rent roll, available inventory and condition, turn schedules, and status of on-going transactions to maximize leasing momentum.
  • Our focus is 100% leasing - this ensures that our team of professionals remain centered on the task at hand
  • Based upon client's goals and objectives, we collectively prepare a written marketing strategy, including rental rates, lease terms, tenant improvement allowances, leasing aids, and lease up velocity projections.
  • We develop a comprehensive strategy that maximizes profits through minimizing high vacancy
  • Our team of professionals develop necessary marketing tools to meet current market trends
  • We efficiently and effectively perform accelerated lease ups
  • Our goal is to aid in creating a team oriented office environment that remains focused on improving occupancy rates

Our leasing team is 100% performance based. Our success lies in the overall success of the project as a whole.
+-Proven Results
In May of 2011, Urban Lux was appointed as the exclusive leasing agent for a luxury community located in the ever-popular downtown Chicago neighborhood of River North. Urban Lux developed a lean marketing strategy, with the intention of re-branding the building into Chicago's most exclusive and luxurious apartment rental destination. We are proud to announce that were able to secure the highest rental rates per square foot in all of Downtown Chicago, averaging more than 9% higher than any other Class A development. Additionally, we completed the lease-up in record time, drastically reducing and in some cases entirely eliminating any associated vacancy costs.
Our separate but equal approach is designed to be highly beneficial to our clients. Our clients are able to diversify risk and implement an automatic system of checks and balances between leasing and current management/sales functions. Our leasing and current sales/management departments work hand-in-hand to ensure the overall success of each and every project, yet remain focused and centered on their own individual goals. This unique approach increases productivity and has a highly positive impact on overall cash flow.
  • The ability to quickly and seamlessly fill excess vacancies, instantly improving cash flow
  • Implementation of supplemental marketing campaigns via our unique grassroots approach
  • 24 hour phone, email, website and personalized tour coverage (no leads will be lost)
  • Rapid increase in property values through our accelerated leasing efforts
  • Seasoned agents that sell - our highly competitive commission structure ensures a winning attitude
  • Fun and supportive team environment
  • Cohesiveness between outside and current inside sales/leasing efforts
  • The rapid increase of the number of sales staff without incurring the risks and high cost of salary and benefits
  • Our compensation is entirely performance based
  • Our clients gain instant access to the highest producing agents in the city
  • Our agents fill vacancies faster. We focus our efforts solely on leasing
  • Ability to "change with the market" provides our clients with a unique competitive advantage
  • Current and/or transitional condominium developments can incorporate a 60 day notice to vacate clause, which provides the maximum amount of protection and flexibility to our clients
  • Gain instant access to our already established client portfolio and international website