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The Urban Lux brokerage division was developed to help you find your perfect home in downtown Chicago.

We understand that finding a condominium in a city as large and as varied as Chicago can be seen as a difficult task; however, with the proper guidance and information, you will find that the process is not nearly as difficult as some would like you to believe. We have sought to simplify the home buying process by combining our tremendous amount of unique content with the knowledge and expertise of some of the best real estate agents our city has to offer. Urban Lux has teamed up with some of the largest real estate developers in Chicago in order to provide you with inside access to some of the best deals in the city.

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Time is of the essence when you are ready to sell. Our sales team offers attentive and responsive service and agents whose industry connections are unparalleled. Our primary goal is to utilize tools that will efficiently expedite the sale of your property in a manner that fits your guidelines.

At Urban Lux, we understand that selling your home requires a well thought, multi-step marketing plan.
We'll help you with the following:

We'll help you set you're home's price
Accurate pricing of your home will help sell it quickly. From our proprietary and industry databases, we will develop a comparison matrix to help accurately price your home.

We'll suggest the best ways to present your home
It is difficult for some buyers to envision a listed property as their new home. In most cases, we make a few suggestions that will allow buyers to see your home in the best light.

We can host an open house for brokers
For many properties, we will hold a Broker Only open house. This will allow members to the brokerage community to view the property and see the special amenities of the building, allowing them to get excited about marketing your property.

We'll also provide the following:

  • A property assessment followed by accurate and competitive pricing
  • A detailed report of comparable properties that have recently been
    sold or are on the market
  • Examples of literature, marketing materials and advertising plans previously used in the sale of similar properties and an outline of the marketing plan for your property

Our Team will forward you weekly status reports that include:

  • A comprehensive report of the marketing created to help you sell your property
  • A complete list of inquiries and showings of your apartment, including the name of each
    customer and any feedback received

Rent to Own

Urban Lux has teamed up with some of Chicago's most established real estate developers and now offers a unique selection of Rent to Own condominiums.

Why should you consider a Rent to Own option?

Opportunity to Own Your Dream Home:
You have the ability to own your own home as you build up equity. Rent to Own provides a great opportunity to save up for a home if you can't afford the down payment right away.

Prepare for Home Ownership:
Take your time and learn how to properly care for a house as you move towards your goal of home ownership.

Turn Your Rent Into An Investment:
Both a portion of your monthly rent and down payment at closing will be credited to your purchase price.

Profit from Appreciation:
In a Rent To Own agreement the purchase price is fixed, giving you the opportunity to make equity gains in the midst of growing real estate markets.

Upfront Timing:
The timing for moving into a Rent to Own home can be much shorter than purchasing a home.

Maintain Your Flexibility:
Rent To Own gives you the flexibility to walk away from the property at the end of your lease term, should you decide you don't want to make the purchase.