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Careers | Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much can I expect to make in my first year?
A: On average, commission-based Relocation Specialists earn over $40K in their first full year, and top performing Relocation Specialists earn upwards of $100K. The income potential is truly limitless and is bound only by your tenaciousness at this new career.

Q: How does Urban Lux set itself apart from its competitors?
A: We are a completely paperless and green company, which enables us to operate much faster and more efficiently than our competition while minimizing our carbon footprint. Urban Lux is the only leasing agency in the U.S. that creates, develops and maintains its own technology platforms. Our agents stand out from the rest! No other website or back-end ad management tool offers the same level of innovation. In addition, since our IT department is in-house, we constantly take feedback from our agents and make the tools more advanced each day.

Q: What qualities would make someone good at this kind of job?
A: Our ideal candidate will have a background in retail, hospitality, sales, or a service industry. We find that the skills acquired in these arenas make for a smooth transition into the role as a Relocation Specialist. Likewise (and most importantly), we look for candidates who possess a positive attitude and are motivated by unlimited earning potential. Finally, candidates need to be available to work weekends as this is when many of our clients need our service.

Q: How many properties does Urban Lux represent?
A: Urban Lux works with hundreds of downtown apartment buildings and has access to thousands of privately owned condo listings through the Multiple Listing Service.

Q: Where do Urban Lux agents get their leads?
A: Every lead is classified as either Company-generated or Relocation Specialist-generated. Company-generated leads are acquired through corporate partnerships, advertisements, the Urban Lux website, and referrals. These leads are then distributed to Relocation Specialists. Urban Lux agents each have their own personal domain that showcases their individual listings. All the traffic that you drive back to your personal website is 100% yours and yours alone. Our Craigslist tool allows agents to post an ad in under one minute with just one-click. Relocation Specialists can also generate their own leads by attending networking events, generating client referrals, and placing online advertisements for listings.

Q: If you offer a free service, how do Urban Lux Relocation Specialists make money?
A: While our service is free for apartment-seeking clients, we are compensated by landlords in exchange for well-qualified tenants. Urban Lux Relocation Specialists earn a split of the total commission that is generated from each lease.

Q: How is working at Urban Lux different from other sales positions?
A: Unlike most sales positions, Relocation Specialists never have to cold call in order to establish a book of business. It is not uncommon for a new agent to close their first deal within the first week on the job.

Q: What would be my responsibilities as an Urban Lux Relocation Specialist?

  • Create and maintain listings designed to drive leads back to your personal
    Urban Lux domain
  • Qualify inbound leads over the phone
  • Provide consultation and professional recommendations to clients based
    on individual their needs and wants
  • Maintain a high level of awareness of market pricing, availability, and trends
  • Coordinate showings with clients, landlords, and on-site leasing agents
  • Build upon and maintain relationships with past clients
  • Maintain accurate and complete records in our proprietary CRM software
  • Accompany clients on tours of properties
  • Assist clients with application process

Tell me about the training program at Urban Lux
Our online training was carefully designed by top industry professionals. This valuable tool is available 24/7.


Q: Is a license required? Is it hard to get? What does it Cost?
A: Licensing requirements vary by state. Most states offer a variety of both classroom and online study programs available. For our Chicago based positions, we recommend Institute Online.

Q: Do I need a car?
A: Having a car is very helpful in this line of work, but we do not require all Relocation Specialists to have one.

Q: Does your company work in both Commercial and Residential Real Estate arenas?
A: While our primary focus in in Residential Real Estate, Urban Lux has conducted business in the Commercial arena as well.

Q: What does it mean to be an independent contractor?
A: This means that you are classified as self-employed and will receive a 1099 for tax purposes. If you have questions related to this classification, you can read more on the IRS website.

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