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Listing your property with Urban Lux is a breeze!

This is the first of many time-saving and green friendly steps you will see us take when it comes to finding a quality tenant for your investment.

To begin, simply fill out the required information in Step 1, then move to Step 2 to complete your Listing Agreement and "begin signing." You will be prompted to adopt an online signature. Adopting a signature does not sign the document. It is simply the necessary first step in completing the online process. From there, you will be taken to our online listing agreement where you will share with us the all the details of your property. Please be as specific as possible. After you have entered in all details, you will be prompted to sign the document, and then it will ask you if you would like to "complete signing". Once you click OK, then the document has been signed!

Once we have the completed listing agreement, we will begin creating a marketing strategy to quickly and seamlessly fill your vacancy.

To expedite this process, please be sure to upload any existing photography of the apartment, this can be done before you submit the listing agreement.

If you have any questions, please call our Landlord Relations Team at: 312-878-2756.

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Q: How much does it cost to list my condominium with Urban Lux? A: We charge 10% of the lease value, which is common in Chicago.

Q: How is Urban Lux paid?
A: Upon securing an interested and qualified tenant, Urban Lux collects the full first month's rent payment. The landlord then collects subsequent months' rents as normal.

Q: How does your service work?
A: Our Relocation Specialists assist in matching your property with qualified tenants. With an already established client portfolio, we can rent your vacancy as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Q: How will you be showing my property?
A: We recommend that Owners provide us with a set of keys (including a transponder if one is required for access), so agents are able to offer flexible showing rimes to prospective renters. Owners who choose not to provide keys must be able to meet our Relocation Specialists at the building, or must provide alternative arrangements such as leaving keys with the doorman or providing access through a lock box.

Q: I'm a condo owner. What do I need to do differently?
A: Many condominium buildings have fees associated, approval processes, specific move-in dates/times, etc. Each condominium building is unique, so be sure to check with your condo association to obtain a list of requirements. Our goal is to create a smooth transition between the landlord and tenant, and we are careful to inform our renters of exactly what is expected and required of them.

Q: My vacant unit needs repair and cleaning. Can you help?

A: Our portfolio of services and discounted rates for capital expenditures such as carpet, paint, cleaning services, etc. can help to ensure a smooth transition from one resident to the next.